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Blue workers with .com LogoFor businesses, a website drastically decreases the cost of advertising to a global audience. It is unobtrusive as compared to television, radio, infomercials, or telemarketing.

Certainly the name of the game is sales, however there are other benefits to promoting on the web. Listed below are features of the World Wide Web that provide your present customers with a higher level of service and tell prospective new customers that you are serious about providing convenient, customer friendly ways to learn about products or services.

Benefits of a Website

  • Marketing to Global Audience
    Cost effective as compared to any "conventional media"
    Phantom domain name (www.yourbizness.com)
    Interactive potential of the web
    World wide audience
    Targeted customers via "search engines"

  • Offering Enhanced Customer Service
    24 hour a day contact point
    Product information on demand
    Online order forms linked to your company database
    Contact names, email, fax, and phone numbers
    On-line software upgrades for your products

  • Direct Sales On-line
    No printing fees to update manuals and tech sheets
    Non-intrusive advertisement
    Product photos and diagrams
    Testimonials from satisfied clients
    FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) area
    Technical discussion groups

  • Public Relations
    Press release areas
    Contact email, fax, and phone numbers
    List officers and/or board members
    Links to important support services and products

The cost of a business website can vary with your needs and capabilities. If you know your way around the net (and your computer), you can create a modest web site for the cost of a personal access account. Expect to spend many hours dealing with html design, promotional issues such as search engines, on-line advertising, link trading, and cross platform compatibility. It will be up to you to create, deploy, maintain, troubleshoot, and service your web site.

At the other end of the spectrum, your business may need a domain name (i.e.,  www.yourbizness.com), database connectivity, ecommerce, on line order forms routed to your database or email account, customized email accounts, audio, manuals, and other features that tell the world you are serious about web promotion.

CS Technologies Plus / CSOnline can help you spend wisely and yet deploy effective, state of the art web sites created and promoted by experienced web authors. CSOnline web hosting provides you with a "home" on the world wide web. CSOnline web designers are available to make your vision of the web a reality... all for less than a radio, newspaper or television ad campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about CS Technologies Plus / CSOnline web design services and/or discussing what we can do for your business, contact our web designer at (814) 677-2447 or sales@cstechplus.com 



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